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Foods That Burn Fat Fast- Eat A Lot And Lose Weight!

Foods That Burn Fat Fast? Yes, and you can eat lots of it too. I know what you are thinking, “yea right”. Actually there are “secret” foods that burn fat fast. The key is the combination of the food, the quality, and how often you eat the food.

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Most people have challenged the notion of how I lost 238 pounds. I always tell them, I lost the weight by eating a lot of food. However, I ate a lot of the “good food”. Therefore, do you want to learn how to eat foods that burn fat fast? Well, I am about to reveal one of my #1 secrets to burn fat, to remove excess skin issues, and get the body you always wanted.

Foods That Burn Fat Fast- “The Secret”
Why is it that some cars can burn more energy than others? Why is it that some cars can go greater distance than other cars?  Is it the type of the car? Engine? Maker? All of those are true. However, I want to make it a bit simpler: the key is fuel. A car cannot no matter the engine it has it cannot operate without fuel. Now, that we established that idea, let’s take it a bit further. What type of fuel its best? Regular? Medium? Premium? Well, some cars will run just fine on regular, while others require the other choices. While, some cars can’t even tell the difference with the fuel (although we are sometimes led to believe that in fact there is a difference). Ok, enough with the car stuff!

Let’s now talk about how foods that burn fat fast fits into all of this. The next two words I want for you to engrave in your mind. When you go shopping, I need for you to think of these foods each and every time; that is of course if you want to burn fat and lose weight. Ready? CATABOLIC FOODS!  YES!

Foods That Burn Fat Fast- “Catabolic Foods”

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Catabolic nutrients are foods that burn fat fast. These type of foods are foods that burn more calories than they give you when you eat them. For example, an apple will probably be around 85 calories at consumption. However, your body will require an extra 100 calories to digest it and metabolize it. As a result, you burn fat!!!

If you want to maintain weight (meaning you love the way you look) you should a minimum of 10 servings of these types of foods per day. By the way, with this lifestyle you can eat great carbs and great proteins and you never have to worry about gaining weight; and I mean EVER!

Now, if you want to really burn fat and lose weight, then I suggest you double the servings per day.

Just like the car example with the fuel, there are some foods that are much better than others. Yet, also the trick is not to eat all your catabolic foods in one meal, instead spread them throughout the day. Imagine losing weight while you sleep? Pretty cool! Well, been there and DONE THAT!

Are you ready for the list of foods that burn fat fast?

Foods That Burn Fat Fast- “Food Combination”

The following is a list of foods that burn fat fast. Some foods in this list are what I called combo foods (Almonds, Eggs, Greek Yogurt, and Lean Meats). These combo foods should be part of your daily intake of catabolic foods. Therefore, adhere to the recommended servings sizes (only for these combo foods alone). This is the key if you want to be successful at eating foods that burn fat fast.


Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast- Almonds
I love Almonds! They are a snack, an appetizer, and part of a meal too. I can also make a mean almond chicken. Ok, now I am hungry! Anyway, one thing about almonds is that they are rich in protein, fiber, and the best fat you can consume. There are numerous studies where it supports that by eating 1-3 ounces of almonds per day, you can lose weight; as eating almonds will stabilize your blood sugar and will kill the hunger. Also, scientific evidence suggests that people that eat almonds decrease/lose belly fat.


Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast -Eggs!

Never skimp on breakfast. Ever! When you eat breakfast you are automatically two steps ahead towards your weight loss. Substantial evidence of how people who eat breakfast are more than likely to burn more calories than those that do not eat breakfast. I get my 5 servings of fruits and vegetables from Shakeology (http://drhirams.com/shakeology-review  click here for more information). Eggs are rich in protein! Eat eggs for breakfast. First, it takes the body double the amount of energy to break down and metabolize it. Secondly, the fact that they are rick in protein you are feeding the muscle; a strong muscle burns fat. I eat close to 40 eggs whites per week (it is not a challenge just a fact).

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast -Meats

Lean meats! Now, if you are a vegetarian I understand. You can continue following your lifestyle. However, there is a lot of research of how lean and organic meats like turkey, chicken breast and sirloin steak are high in muscle-building protein.  Therefore, the more muscle you have, the more calories you are going to burn; even when you sleep you are burning!

Foods That Burn Fat Fast- “Catabolic”

Now get ready for the good stuff. The following foods you can eat as much as you like. If you were to add exercise the results will be a whole lot faster. Enjoy!


Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast -Asparagus

There are plenty of people that eat high salty foods. I understand that! However, did you know that with high concentrations of salt you are causing your body to retain more water (meaning gaining more weight)? Well, eat a lot of asparagus. This vegetable is a powerful diuretic; it will flush fluids and minimize water retention from eating salty foods. Also, asparagus have been known to help in the breakdown of fat.

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast -Lettuce

Lettuce is another powerful flushing vegetable. It is high in fluids and loves to breakdown fat.

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast -Celery

If lettuce had a cousin, it will be Celery. It has the same powerful attribute of lettuce. Also, food for thought! It takes the body close to 85-90 calories per hour to chew and digest food. If you were to eat a salad with one cup of iceberg lettuce, asparagus, and celery you are burning fat. Why? The total calorie count for your salad is 49 calories.

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast

Foods That Burn Fat Fast -Apple

What’s the old saying? An Apple a day? Well, an apple can do more than that; it can burn fat too! A recent study suggested that people who ate an apple before each meal, burned more calories and lost a lot more weight than those who did not had an apple before a meal.

Below is a list of more catabolic foods.

Black/Blueberries                Limes                               Pineapple                     Cantaloupe
Grapefruit                              Oranges                           Plums-Damson           Strawberries

Lemons                                  Raspberries – fresh        Pears-Bartlett               Watermelon


Artichokes                             Celery                              Parsley leaves             Sweet Potato
Asparagus                             Cucumbers                     Peppers                        Tomato
Broccoli                                  Eggplant                          Radishes                      Zucchini
Brussels Sprouts                 Leeks – cooked               Spinach
Carrots                                   Lettuce

Questions?- Foods That Burn Fat Fast

I would love to help! You see at the bottom of this blog, you can enter your email and sign up for 5 free video series. I will teach you my secrets of how I lost 238 pounds. I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

I am sincerely hoping that you found this information about “foods that burn fat fast” useful. If you have any questions about this blog post contact me @ drhirams@drhirams.com! Write a comment or question below. Also, please share your experience, go for it! If you enjoyed this post about foods that burn fat fast, then, share it with your friends and family by liking it below!


Dr. Hiram Santisteban


Foods That Burn Fat Fast

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